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Preparing for Christmas!

Its that time of year again when businesses are thinking of ways to connect with their clients at Christmas. The usual cheap retrained cards and calendars flying through the letterboxes and straight in to the bin! 

Why not do something different? And put that little bit of extra thought in to it. 

Salop Creative can design bespoke business cards and calendars including your branding. The bespoke design coupled with high quality printing means that not only do you have a card or calendar that stands out from the competition but you have an advert in front of a potential client throughout the festive period and with a calendar, throughout the entire year!

You could send out a calendar where every photograph for each month is commissioned by you and means something to you or your business, a Christmas card where the illustration is specifically designed for you and can be used year on year. 

The best bit? Other than acting as great advertising, bespoke cards and calendars are very affordable! Once you have gone to the trouble of sourcing a suitable card or calendar and arranged a printer to personalise them, your overall spend will be very similar and the return enquiries will be minimal compared to a bespoke design.

Contact us today at Salop Creative and find out what we can do for you. 

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